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This is an eBook written by Kayla Itsines together with Fresh Fitness. The main aim of this eBook is to enable women to get their ideal body, confidence, and happiness. It's a combination of scientific knowledge, guidelines, and the author's personal experience.


The author, throughout her experience confesses to having interviewed many female clients. She finds out that the main aim of every girl is confidence and healthy lifestyle with progressive physical change. Many trainers in this field do not understand their client's needs.


The eBook sets out to outline ways to achieve the bikini body that is far from the 'muscular body' some women get from other training accessories. It educates women to understand that, exclusionary training ways and diets are not necessary. They need a healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable, flexible and beneficial.


With more education, women are able to easily obtain what they want. It enables you to waste less energy, time and emotion. It seeks to make women between the ages 16-40 that seek advice here feel comfortable and confident about their bodies.

Using the Bikini Body eBook with the diet guidelines can enable you to obtain the excellent results proven. It is reliable, by the fact that Kayla Itsines has studied a course in AIF Master Trainer.


Why Kayla Itsines EBook

• Healthy eating is key to weight loss

• Working out to the allIbikini body' not big or muscular.

• Easy for you to put into practice with guaranteed good results.


You need to work hard following the given directions. The amount of effort you put in is equivalent to the results you get. To keep track with your progress, the eBook also outlines various measurement methods to show you that.


Kayla Itsines bikini body guide has worked immensely for many women worldwide. This is because the guidelines are comprehensive and full of information outlined in an easy to practice manner. Plus the information is accompanied by Images.


Each physical activity during the 12 weeks session is presented in a basic way for you to set off right away. Beginning with easy minor challenges, Kayla Itsines, goes ahead to present more complex activity beat by beat as you read on This is meant for your body to adapt, and avoid the plateau.


The eating plan outlines the finest way to begin, and why you should eat clean. It goes into detail to explain benefits of consuming particular foods and when. There is a 14 day eating plan, with recipes and substitutions. The vegetarian guide presents dietary limitations.  Kayla is one of those great bikini models and I just love her work.

My Thoughts On The Bikini Body Guide